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CIP offers certification and related education and training and, where CIP is the issuing authority, testing and professional certification, Major areas of certification include: Full name: Chinese Language Teacher Abbreviated name: CLT Full name:Certified International Professional Manager Abbreviated name:CIPM Full name:Senior Professional in Human Resources Abbreviated name:SPHR Full name: Certified International Financial Expert Abbreviated name: CIFE Full name: Certified International Strategic Planning Manager Abbreviated name: CISPM Full name: Certified Production Operation Manager Abbreviated name: CPOM Full name: Certified Sales Expert Abbreviated name: CSE Full name: Certified international Professional Lecturer Abbreviated name: CIPL

CIP certification program

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CIP certification program

(Certified International Professional Management Association)
International Professional Certification Management Association certification program

Registered International Professional Beauty Industry Series
Makeup: makeup artist makeup makeup instructor trainer tutor makeup makeup makeup stylist trainer tutor lecturer Makeup Makeup Makeup instructor trainer trainer tutor Makeup
Nail: Nail nail instructor trainer nail nail nail tutor trainer teacher
Eyelashes: eyelashes eyelashes teacher trainer instructor eyelashes eyelashes eyelashes teacher trainer tutor
Hairdresser: hairdresser hairdresser salon instructor trainer hairdressing salon tutor trainer teacher
Munsu: munsu division munsu lecturer munsu munsu instructor trainer trainer tutor munsu
Beauty: Beauty beautician beauty lecturer beauty cosmetology instructor trainer trainer tutor
Image Design: Image Design lecturer stylists image design image design teacher trainers
Image design teacher trainers
Semi-permanent makeup: semi-permanent make-up artist semi-permanent makeup semi-permanent makeup instructor trainer semi-permanent makeup semi-permanent makeup tutor trainer teacher
Body division Body Body Trainer Body lecturer tutor overall stylist beautician health care division aromatherapy massage therapists color consultant
Registered International Professional Dance Series
Classical dance ballet dance (Xinjiang dance, Korean dance, Mongolian dance, Dai dance) modern dance jazz tap
Latin dance (rumba, samba, cha-cha, bullfighting, cowboy)
Ballroom (Waltz, Vienna and China Hands, Tango, Quickstep, Foxtrot)
Shuffle (ghost step dance);
Pole dancing belly dance yoga Korea Dance platform leading dance disco rave Para Para
Cheerleading dance dance dance, etc.
Registered Yoga International Professional Series
Yogi yoga instructor yoga instructor Yoga Trainer Yoga Trainer Instructor
Registered International Professional Jewelry Collection
Jewelry appraisers jewelry appraisal jewelry appraisal instructor trainer trainer tutor jewelry appraisal
Jewelry designer jewelry design jewelry design instructors Trainers Jewellery Design Instructor Trainer
Jewelry jewelry marketing division marketing trainers marketing mentor jewelry jewelry marketing trainer tutor
Diamond Gem Appraisers inspector trainers diamond gem identification inspectors trainer
Metalworking division jade jewelry engraver carved jade jewelry metalworking Trainer Trainer
Certified International Professional Model Series etiquette
Television model plane models model professional model trainer Model Model instructors tutor trainer
Model funeral director etiquette etiquette etiquette instructor trainer etiquette trainer tutor
Certified International Vocational Instrumental Series
National Instruments (musician, trainer, instructor trainers, production designer): piccolo flute lute dulcimer erhu guzheng Hulusi (stringed instruments, pluck instruments, percussion, wind instruments), etc.
Western musical instruments (played, trainers, trainer supervisor, production designer): harp guitar keyboard instruments piano accordion violin viola cello double bass ukulele imposing percussion, etc.
Registered International Professional Vocal Series
 Opera popular singing Trainer Trainer Trainer bel canto singing the national trainers pop singer pop singer bel canto singer folk singer DJ piano teacher piano tuner, etc.
Registered International Professional Series EQ
EQ EQ workplace trainers Children trainers paternity EQ EQ Trainer Trainer marriage
NLP Trainer NLP paternity paternity paternity EQ tutor NLP Trainer
International Professional Series registered broker
Model agent performing arts star broker broker cultural broker
Registered international professional children's dance series
Dance: Fertility call Seoul Korean dance Xinjiang dance dance dance Dai dance Mongolia
Latin Dance: Rumba Samba precisely bullfighting dance jive
Ballroom / Ballroom Dance: Waltz Viennese Waltz Tango Foxtrot Quickstep
Latin American folk dance: Salsa Salsa dancing round the US reggae Baqia empty Shakespeare Mambo Lambada
Other kinds of dance: modern dance belly dance pole dancing jazz dance ballet Korea satin dance
Registered International Professional Children's instrumental series
Folk instruments: piccolo flute lute dulcimer erhu guzheng Hulusi (stringed instruments, pluck instruments, percussion, wind instruments), etc.
Western musical instruments: harp guitar keyboard instruments piano accordion violin viola cello double bass ukulele imposing percussion, etc.
Register Children International Professional Series Model
Children Model Teen Model
Registered International Professional Juvenile Wushu Series
Chinese Traditional Wushu martial arts, taekwondo, karate, judo, Muay Thai, boxing and so cut
Registered International Professional Children's Art Series
Children's art children's television show EQ Children Children Children calligrapher Moderator Singer Children Children Children magician painter
Certified International Vocational Fine Arts Series
Textile Art designer embroidery division stage designer packaging designers animation designer sketches Western painter painting division division division Comics
Registered International Professional Photography Camera Series
Gaffer photographer cameraman picture photography flush production division imaging Planner Planner
Certified International Vocational Film Series
Layout stage lighting division division division gained a lot of word motion picture film and television costume designer action scenes with color division instructor ringmaster film props division division division Television soundman television screenwriter film director television show character designer
Certified International Series career coach
Body weight loss fitness equipment trainer fitness instructor personal trainer coach class group calisthenics water aerobics instructor fitness instructor spinning ball coach Coaches yoga instructor Pilates instructor nutritionist Golf Coaches
Registered International Professional Series Fancy
Tea specialist, trainer tea, florists, floral trainer, bartenders, great bartenders, great bartender trainer, fancy basketball coach, mentor fancy basketball coach
Registered International Professional Financial Planning Series
Economic Management Division of Financial Accountants Accountants economic planner international CPA CPV Financial Analyst Financial Planner Finance Manager Financial Planner credit appraiser Securities analyst financial planner futures division clerk securities investment consultants (international) Forensic Accounting registration analysts and other project data
International Economic and Trade Register International Professional Series
Dan Zhengyuan international freight forwarding division of international trade division of international e-commerce division of International Business International Trade clerk merchandiser international trade marketing division
Registered International Professional Planner (Trainer Trainer)
Wedding Planning financial planning real estate planning tourism planning
Registered International Professional Business Management Series
Human resources management division secretary Risk Management Division Chief Financial Officer Finance Manager Enterprise Management Consulting Trainer registered analysts surveyed by psychological counselors coach Business Management Division business negotiations teacher professional managers project managers Operations Management division corporate training division quality management division of food safety supervision and administration logistics management division division of human resources management business division Finance Manager Statistician tax auditors financial planners purchasing managers actuary career guidance teacher health management division
Registered business operations of International Professional Series
Human Resources Human Resources Division Legal expert marketing director of human resources management division of the international division of investment management division of international outsourcing business management planner marketing division marketing manager, marketing director for the international market procurement division Procurement Management Division Quality Management Division Business Management Division National Occupational manager chain management division of economic planners store management division business division of mobile phone customer service division marketing division to study education consultant brand planning management division president of Events management division marketing division risk assessment division Finance Manager business administration division
Sign Marketing International Professional Series
E-commerce e-commerce division marketing division marketing division marketing division telephone network marketing division marketing division strategic marketing division marketing planner Information Manager, Operations Management Division Operations Manager network management division
Registered International Professional Art cartoon series (designers, trainers)
Western animation designer artist painting Western painting teacher trainers sketch sketching teacher trainers painting teacher trainers Comics Comics Trainer game design three-dimensional three-dimensional game designer trainers single game designer Puzzles Online Game Designer Designer FLASH game designers Games platform game designer interface designer late cartoon animators engineers
International Professional Series registered tourist services
The hotel management division hotel room management division professional managers Tourism Business Management division guide trainers resort planners dollars for travel planning division and Measurement division, etc.
Registered International Professional Series computer software applications
Graphic designer interior designer (decorator) computer programmer database administrators network administrators network editors web designers Software Engineer Embedded Software Engineer Hardware Engineer Network Engineer Engineers advertising designer digital art, computer maintenance division network applications division Software Engineer information security engineer Sulu division JAVA engineers, etc.
Sign Language App International Professional Series
Registered international professional logistics and warehousing series
Registered international professional social services and personal services Series
Registered International Professional Series Art Appreciation
Registered International Professional Art Productions Series
Painting and Calligraphy Sign International Professional Series
Registered International Professional Art Business Series
International Professional Series National Register Technology
Registered International Professional Series instrument maker
Registered International Professional Series Construction & Real Estate
Certified International Occupational Health Medicine Series
Certified International Vocational Other series
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