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CIP offers certification and related education and training and, where CIP is the issuing authority, testing and professional certification, Major areas of certification include: Full name: Chinese Language Teacher Abbreviated name: CLT Full name:Certified International Professional Manager Abbreviated name:CIPM Full name:Senior Professional in Human Resources Abbreviated name:SPHR Full name: Certified International Financial Expert Abbreviated name: CIFE Full name: Certified International Strategic Planning Manager Abbreviated name: CISPM Full name: Certified Production Operation Manager Abbreviated name: CPOM Full name: Certified Sales Expert Abbreviated name: CSE Full name: Certified international Professional Lecturer Abbreviated name: CIPL

CIP certification authority

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CIP certification authority

CIP certification authority
First, the only access to the CIP certificate of qualification of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom comprehensive certification, and by the Chinese embassy or consulate representative signature;
Two, by virtue of CIP qualification certificate, students can apply for the Chinese Embassy in the British Embassy to the students of the certificate and qualification identification, to study abroad and work to create a "protective"";
Three, by virtue of CIP qualification certificate, students can apply for access to the national Ministry of personnel enterprise management talent pool qualification certificate;
Four, CIP qualification certificate has been fully recognized internationally, can apply to study abroad.
Certification benefits
One, fast and efficient: after the evaluation through the pass within a month to get the state recognition, WTO member of the government and the Ministry of personnel qualification and certification;
Two, save money: investment returns fast, input output ratio is high, the average wage of CIP students in one year to upgrade 20% ~ 80%;
Three, high pass rate: expert guidance, Professor recommended, to enhance your ability to assess;
Four, but is to cite: not only education, have the ability to have the stage, let you quickly reach the pinnacle of the cause of life;
Five, tailored: to provide you with tailor-made high-end training, directly address the workplace issues you face;
Six, experts join forces: international and domestic experts join forces, gathered, strong backing support;
Seven, a wide network of contacts: contacts is money. CIP integrates the elite in various industries, for your investment, make friends build cooperation and exchange platform huge;
Eight, Golden Armor: on-the-job field highly competitive today CIP efforts for you to create "amulet", will enable you to become in the workplace "tumbler";
Nine, gold card: CIP for your career to create a new "golden card", so that you stand out in the industry;
Ten, shaping the brand: your brand is your worth, to establish a personal brand, is the new work of the survival of the law in twenty-first Century;
Eleven, promotion capital: CIP qualification certificate is an important career advancement capital into the senior management;
Twelve, international authority: CIP international certification represents the highest level of professional qualification certification today, with a wide range of representation and international authority;

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