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Development of vocational education is an inevitable social

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Development of vocational education is an inevitable social

Development of vocational education is an inevitable social progress
Chinese Vocational and Adult Education Network 2010-08-05 10:59 Source: Xinjiang Daily Author:
    Since 2006, "the State Council to vigorously develop vocational education," promulgated under the strategic guidance of the CPC Central Committee, under the correct leadership of Party committees at all levels of government, with the broad participation of the people and the community, vocational education in China has entered a a scale of the development phase: public private simultaneously, running form the provincial, prefectural and county levels have appeared. Expand and educational level of diversification of the size of school, for the development of vocational education has opened up a wider world. Scale trends in vocational education speaks the state to develop decision-making vocational education is closely linked to the pulse of the times, in line with education itself, adjustment and development requirements, but also meet the needs of the times and social progress.
    As an important part of modern national education system, pilot and service role of vocational education in social progress and development to further show has become accelerate the pace of education reform, strengthen social services development capabilities must. Over the years of work experience in Xinjiang, especially over a comprehensive work in Aksu region since, I deeply feel: the implementation of the strategic central Xinjiang's economic leapfrog development and promote sustainable economic and social development, vigorously improve people's livelihood must provide good education basis. Xinjiang as a national minority is numerous, predominantly agricultural areas, improve the quality of the new generation of minority workers, to develop their professional skills, employment, ability to adapt to social viability, making it out of the countryside, to the region and the country, for Social and economic catch up with the national level of development, to achieve simultaneous development has a crucial role. Especially minority people in Aksu Prefecture relative distribution in actual farming and pastoral areas, requires us to party and government cadres at all levels must be recognized: Only rural economic development, in order to bring prosperity to local economy; only the rich peasant life in order achieve a radical improvement in the region's people's quality of life. On the current mode of education and educational means, the people's level of education promotion, especially minority youth talent can be achieved in two ways: either to accept a higher level of general education through minority youth, particularly those of receiving a high school a higher level of education to cultivate high-end talent more minority theoretical research, professional and technical, social management; the second is through vocational education so that more rural minority adolescent period to improve education, culture and social development in all walks needed industry professional expertise and skills of high-quality ordinary workers.
    Currently, vocational education in Xinjiang in achieving rapid development and progress at the same time, there can not be ignored problems: First, Xinjiang vocational education yet to catch up with the wave of national-scale development of its educational institutions concentrated in only part of the conditions better area; the second is due to the social identity, government support and investment protection and other factors, so that only a few, the school conditions and the ability of higher vocational colleges can not meet the needs of social development; and the third is to adjust the structure of education awareness needs to be to further place, theoretical research is not sufficient, lack of standards and the basis on which the vocational education in the form of a single, affecting the quality of vocational education. Fourth, according to the social development needs of the industrial structure adjustment, the market is immature, resulting in Professional Education no large-scale market, job insecurity; Fifth, the management system, development planning vocational education, training objectives, educational methods is not clear enough make vocational education its development has been constrained.
    In addition to these common problems, there are some specific problems in the region and the socio-economic and cultural-related vocational education Aksu region.
    First, the area of ​​vocational education started late, few educational institutions and poor conditions, simply can not afford the annual vocational education and training and training mission society of young full-area junior high school graduates; secondly, because the industrialized regions lagging behind, the industrial structure of scientific It is not strong, the market conditions are not ripe, so that the community can provide students with non-farm jobs rarely, to some extent, restricted the development of vocational education. Again, the party and government cadres at all levels of Vocational Education in the basic role of the local social and economic lack of knowledge on the meeting point of vocational education and economic development grasp is not enough, consider the development of vocational education only from the areas of education, none from the adjustment of industrial structure strategic height up-depth research and planning, resulting in the development model of vocational education is too simple, so that this can be vocational education for local economic development from the start on a serious off from society. Finally, the structure and layout of regional education is not reasonable, it is still the basic education, education dependence on local social and economic development of a strong service capabilities more low, affecting people's recognition of the existing vocational education to a certain extent, the objective two constraints caused by both the development of vocational education and improve the quality of the results of the affected population: one part of the family economic situation is better in young people blindly pursue further education, and strive to go out, longing for developed regions, so that the real talent does not stay on the ground live; there are some students who basics weak both can not continue to accept a higher level of general education do not have the relevant expertise and skills, both l can not learn can not do things. Second, some parents though that their children can not rise to learn, but not optimistic about vocational education, resulting in some young students junior high school after graduation to flow directly to the community, neither the chance to pursue progress, do not want to go home farm.
    By general education "Reading is to get rid of 'labor' man Exalted" the traditional influence of the concept of culture targeting areas of secondary vocational education inaccurate, not only did not focus on the needs of the community, instead of blindly overstating training objectives, misled some parents and students, induce some social issues. Like many minority families of students looking for work on high not to low, reluctant to enter the service industry, do not most people keep in line with their skills level "blue collar" work. Thus on the one hand to the employer of a "vocational school graduates heart qi impetuous, not practical" feeling; on the other hand, capacity and jobs out of touch, and gave employers a kind of "limited vocational school graduates the ability to" impression, causing social certain prejudices vocational school students, reducing the degree of social recognition of vocational school graduates. There are many students receive vocational education aimed at the pursuit of high-quality and high-tech, do not want to engage in ordinary laborers work to Aksu area as an example: Vocational College Aksu region after graduation to serve the local economy, the production line and having students of high-tech is very small, and specialty schools do not meet the development needs of the local economy; and if Kuqa County secondary vocational and technical schools, although the higher initial level, the mission clear, but subject to the environment, but also only the graduates sent to the mainland of employment. These are undoubtedly vocational education services in the local economy caused some impact. Therefore, the deviation of this understanding on both should cause the field of education attaches great importance should also be a common concern of party and government at all levels.
    Therefore, to make occupational science and health education, we all levels of party and government must be on vocational education issues have a clear understanding, in-depth analysis of its causes, in particular, should be development of vocational education system and social identity two carried level positive discussion and careful study.
    First, the establishment of long-term mechanism is the fundamental guarantee of vocational education Scientific Development
    Vocational education in Xinjiang after nearly 10 years of development, has the connotation of development from the scale of development, cultural development forward. As the industrial structure was further readjusted and optimized, increasing the fundamental transformation of economic growth and the demand for business "Closing Gang practical" vocational school graduates, our vocational education management system, development planning, training objectives and means, teachers major problems building urgent in theory and the concept of a new understanding and targeting:
    (A) To establish a "province-based" management system. Provincial establishment as the basic administrative unit of regional economic and social development of the local economy and social undertakings, including the different structures which features cultivate the market has a strong ability to control, to achieve vocational science education in the basic guarantee. Therefore, we want to establish the importance and necessity of the "province-based" management system of vocational education to build awareness of the following aspects: First, we must define government responsibility in vocational education development. In the "province-based" vocational education management system, the provincial government is planning and leading core of local development of vocational education, therefore, we must first establish the provincial major leaders director, the relevant departments of vocational education members working Committee, make scientific planning of their school size, school level, professional settings, teacher training, etc., and their integration into the overall planning of the national economy into a gradual manner. Secondly, we must earnestly implement the national vocational education-related laws, regulations and policies, based on local conditions, to develop a local vocational education in the implementation of appropriate measures by policy tilt to create a favorable environment for the development of vocational education. Third, we must in the establishment of vocational education development evaluation mechanism, to fulfill vocational education responsibilities of relevant departments and all levels of government, and complete evaluation of the situation assessment of their work to ensure that "the provincial-based" Vocational Education Management System drop into practice. The second is to establish long-term mechanism for development of vocational education guaranteed. First, the provincial government should be based on need and regional financial actual development of vocational education, reasonable arrangements for all levels of government responsibility and the proportion of investment in vocational education, increase vocational education funds to support efforts to gradually establish a clear, specific vocational education funding responsibilities and relatively clear investment mechanism, and the establishment of vocational education special funds, focusing on the integration of vocational education resources, training base construction, the "double" teacher training and training, vocational education, information technology and other projects. Secondly, should be based on the development plan of vocational education, reasonable settings, higher vocational education institutions (To set the geographic and population coverage situation in Xinjiang, the secondary vocational education institutions combined consideration, higher vocational education institutions is preferably located in the ground, state), scientific allocation of staffing, so that the vocational school staffing more than the same level of general education schools. Meanwhile, also according to the characteristics of vocational education to consider setting up some temporary establishment in favor of vocational education dynamic management. Finally, the establishment of vocational education in special incentive fund, have made outstanding contributions to the development of vocational education departments, businesses, schools and individuals to recognize and encourage, inspire vocational education and fast development.
    (Ii) to reform the functions of the administrative departments of education. The main internal organs in the existing education administration alone "into the post," an agency to undertake education accounted for more than 50% of the administrative functions of planning vocational education, guidance, management is unrealistic and must be reformed. We can think in terms of the following two aspects: First, additional vocational education in the current education administration in functional organization, responsible for planning and managing the development of vocational education in order to ensure that vocational education in educational endeavor. Second, additional vocational education in the current educational administration department functions related functions (group dry, ideological and political and other public sector except) to fulfill general education and vocational education responsibilities at the same time, this can be without an agency of the premise, an increase of only a small number of full-time staff to implement to improve the education administration function transformation and functionality. Such as: Teacher institution to undertake teacher management of general education and vocational education, teaching and research departments at the same time taking into account the Teaching of general education and vocational education. I personally prefer the latter, as this could make education administration functions clearer sound, but also in line with the principles of the state to promote downsizing, and is a good way to achieve both.
    (C) to do development plan of vocational education. Scale development speed stage of vocational education in China is considerable, but we must recognize that the development of the single pursuit of scale is difficult to adapt to the economic and social different levels of development of vocational education general requirements: on the one hand, with social industrial and trade development needs of workers in short supply ; on the other hand, the employment rate of vocational education graduates remains low. Therefore, to do vocational education plan is not only the vocational education of their own development and the achievement of social service enhancements must, it is the urgent needs of economic and social science and health development, we can focus on to consider the following aspects: First of career different educational levels of the scale of the development of education in rational planning. To the size of school general education above the high school and learn to be a reasonable adjustment and control, basically meet the general education of the more mature form of education goal-needed basis, according to the industry, the market trend in the industry as well as students tend to do a good job in Higher vocational education scale planning, and gradually make high school choose vocational education and general education students than to achieve a 2: 1 (in junior high school graduates as the standard, the same below), to accept the higher vocational education and secondary vocational education than students achieve 1: 3. The second is to professional set up vocational education for rational planning. According to the needs of society and the industrial structure industry trend of social development, vocational education specialty programming on the basis of macro dynamic management, can be synchronized with the cycle of national economic development plan, in accordance with a five-year planning cycle and adjustment. The third is to Educational System of Vocational Education to guide planning. Vocational education is not to further studies for the purpose, we should meet the social development of the industry demand as the prerequisite, focus and emphasize vocational education school system diversification, diversification resilient development. Such as basic schooling secondary vocational education is three years, but some students excellent acceptance in vocational education high school graduates and cultural studies society shortage sectors can be considered for schooling shortened to one to two years; and for technical skills less demanding professional, such as food processing, carpentry, electrical, etc., which can be set to the school system for two years. Basic schooling system of higher vocational education is three years, but may adopt the Elastic System of Vocational Education. Such as: from vocational education ascend to higher education students can consider setting up two years schooling.
    (D) have clear training objectives and training methods. Vocational education is different from general education, it is both the needs of the community, but also educated my choices, so the training objectives of vocational education should pay more attention to human development. The first is to establish a society of human consciousness, such as political responsibility: Emotional party and the people, the motherland and the Chinese nation cultural identity, social, family, my sense of responsibility; the basic law, morality, ethics awareness, obedience and overall awareness. Followed by the establishment of basic knowledge of the structure, such as the expression of the national common language of understanding knowledge and ability, at the beginning of natural science, moderate knowledge, law, welfare, social and health aspects. With the development of society, any labor level will be the requirements of their own knowledge structure. Once again, the ability to choose educated their own development, comprehensive training objectives of professional skills and professional competence to consider training requirements at different levels of vocational education.
    Thus, the elements of vocational education objectives are: the development requirements of persons - General requirements for skills (technology) and vocational abilities (different levels of training object has its own development requirements) - the extent of knowledge structure. That secondary vocational education is to train master certain skills, technology, occupational ability of new workers; vocational education focuses on developing production and industry professional and technical personnel, such as technicians, engineers, etc., they are designers and test the product of the production process By.
    For Means of promoting vocational education, I think it should take, the higher vocational education public knowledge of materials and relevant professional theoretical teaching, practice guidance materials as the fundamental basis for the teaching guide, from the industry production technology, management, labor and employment actual needs, focusing on the different levels of knowledge structure and expertise combined; in skills training process, should strictly follow the standards, from shallow to deep, from simple to complex, from single to comprehensive, step by step, focusing on vocational education content and actual production combined effectively so that students into the community to become a good employability of highly qualified workers and technical workers.
    (V) to establish a faculty of Vocational Education. Develop vocational education, improve teaching quality, the key is to establish a reasonable knowledge structure, with high quality, practical ability, innovative "Double" teachers and echelon personnel. Requires Xinjiang vocational education development, I think we can consider vocational education teaching staff target from the following aspects of the realization of ways: First, to establish a vocational education teachers training system. Should be accurate knowledge of the region's vocational education progress, teachers demand basis, according to the promotion and the actual local vocational education, in batches at different levels to do vocational education teacher training, so that existing teachers with vocational education and training functions change and transformation to better serve the regional economic development. The second is to establish a lifelong learning system. Vocational education should establish continuing education and lifelong learning training system so that vocational education teachers in teaching practice can be carried out at least once intensive training, and promote their constantly improve and enhance knowledge through a dynamic structure of training and professionalism year. Third, through "school-enterprise integration", the training, trainee, internship and other professional skills to cultivate located in the business, so that teachers in depth first line of production, strengthen ties and cooperation with scientific research and production sector, the creation of productive practice for teachers and continue improve opportunities and conditions, prompting teachers to political, reasonable knowledge, skills and comprehensive "double teachers" direction. The fourth is to establish as soon as possible in Normal and Non-Normal Universities in the culture at different levels of teachers of vocational education professional, direct training of qualified vocational education teachers, as a useful complement of vocational education teachers.
    Second, a wide range of social recognition is the basic premise of vocational education and healthy development
    We in addition to the establishment of long-term mechanism in line with Scientific Development of Vocational Education must also strive to create a community and the majority of the people are highly recognized vocational education good social atmosphere, changes in thousands of years people of education is education, general education is a single-taught concept the only way out.
    (A) To enhance the party and government cadres at all levels of vocational education is required. Vocational education is the cause of economic and social development and the most direct contact, the closest part of economic and social development of vocational education is bound to put forward higher requirements, and the development of vocational education must also rely on economic and social progress and adjustment of industrial structure to complete. Party and government leading cadres at all levels recognize only place to put real vocational education training objectives and tasks implemented. Meanwhile, the development of vocational education, involving many sectors of planning, education, labor, personnel, finance, economy, etc., is a very complex task, various departments to work together to provide support for vocational education, the party and government at all levels leading particularly competent leadership to continue to improve the style, increase efficiency, improve the management level vocational education, to promote the healthy development of vocational education and do practical things, and truly good vocational education organization and leadership.
    (Ii) to increase vocational education restructuring reforms. The development of production, engage in modernization requires not only high-level expertise, but also need a large number of early, mid-level technical and management personnel and a large number of educated, labor reserve forces technical knowledge. As a culture technique applied personnel vocational education in its development process must follow the principle of "quantitative expansion and restructuring," a combination, give full consideration to the overall needs of local education, changes in personnel structure of demand, the economic adjustment of industrial structure and occupational structure, focus on students' innovative consciousness and ability to develop a comprehensive awareness and comprehensive ability, practice and practical ability for enterprises and the society, "marketable" talent.
    (C) to do the vocational education of their own development. First, we should change educational philosophy of vocational education, the establishment of the above mechanisms, changing educational ideas, models and methods, efforts to improve the culture system, educational content and evaluation system. Second, we must adhere to for local personnel training, and constantly adjust and optimize the professional structure and course structure, and actively cultivate and founder adapt to the new professional local economic development needed to vigorously support the development prospects and attractive advantages of a professional, and constantly adjust the transformation suited old professional social needs, and further increase the binding of Vocational Education and regional economy. Third, we must establish a sense and ideas for the development of market economy and services to meet the needs of graduates practical work skills and social acceptance raise the standard, give full play to the guiding role of the market demand for the invisible baton of vocational education, so that vocational education to maximize It serves the local economic construction.
    (Iv) to strengthen vocational education and publicity efforts. First of all, should be established to promote its network of vocational education. Using a variety of channels, increase vocational education propaganda, so that the community and the majority of the people fully understand and recognize objects, the nature of vocational education and the educated individual development, and promote the important role of community development and practical significance, create a favorable development of vocational education in the social environment. Secondly, we must identify the publicity vocational education resonate entry point. So that all levels of party and government, business and society to the development of vocational education as a fundamental way to achieve the common good, conscious efforts to that end and contributions. As the local economy plan at the same time can be the development of vocational education to include the overall layout, which not only benefit the education of social and economic development, but also to meet the "human development," the objective need, can revel in vocational education has general, the higher education equal value and status. Again, in an effort to make the party and government, business and social training objectives of vocational education at all levels, develop means of identification on the basis of the formation of the masses desire, government act, employment needs, vocational education development pattern of social support.
    (V) to change the students' talent and career ideas. Talent is the hierarchical structure must be reasonable, Beginner, Intermediate talent in any country, any time is the maximum amount. Therefore, the school and parents of students compulsory initial stage would be correct guidance concept of talent, and through the "three will be a lesson" moral main channel and moral lesson education infiltration "entrance is not the only choice, career education equally glorious "talent concept. At the same time, to correct the young students of the concept of occupation. In Xinjiang, especially in southern areas, many minority families of the students, do not want to engage in hotels, canteens, hotels and other service industry work, to this part of the students' ideological guidance, and establish employment as a means of livelihood, self-reliant and can be a new career ideas to contribute to society is employment.
    In short, the development of vocational education both beneficial for the progress, but also conducive to the development of enterprises and society. It is a new form of education in the study of theory and practice, school and social practice people get full growth, is to promote human and community development between man and nature in harmony, scientific and appropriate forms of education, I believe this form of education in modern society will achieve sound and rapid development.
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