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Counselor training sector to attract investors attention

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Counselor training sector to attract investors attention

Psychological first year of the financial crisis VS.
    2008 winter, the global economic environment like the weather cold. Let's volatile economic situation in the various sectors carefully watching. But let people somewhat unexpected that some professional certification training industry is at a low in the decadent bucked the trend, many investors have seen the dawn. One of the most striking is the psychological consultant on this project in 2008 had previously been tepid, although with the development of their economy has been increasingly concerned about mental health, but which has never been a year like 2008 so let counselors at the level of society as a whole by the unprecedented attention.
    Psychological first year - the best opportunity for development
    Reporters in the Chinese Psychological Education Center Director Zhao Yanping Education Department learned that as early as 2003, counselors on the inclusion of occupational ceremony, Ministry of Labor and Social Security Department to develop a "professional standards", officially launched a national vocational counselors qualification training.
    In recent years, the number of applicants increases every year to learn, counselor training has become the highest in the field of education in domestic revenue, one of the fastest growing item. Since 2003 counselor certification training until the end of 2005, counselor certification training calendar year enrollment increased by more than 40%.
    In 2008, 512 Wenchuan earthquake to raise awareness of the importance of psychological factors, the Olympics make people aware of mental health necessary to participate in counselor trainees increased significantly. Among them, someone witnessed the earthquake, hoping to learn counseling, spiritual reconstruction; someone want to learn, the ability to provide volunteer service for the disaster; it was a keen grasp of the needs of the community and want to obtain a certificate to strengthen the reserve's future career; people realize that mental health important, you want to stimulate the increase in training institutions by learning to enrich themselves, care for family members who enroll for the course ...... growth spurt, a huge number of learners, counselor training has become the 2008 vocational training most popular, at the same time It has become the financial turmoil sweeping the world crisis in the background, not the only loss of investment projects.
    Soft Power - Chinese-style topics
    As experience and perception-based industry, counseling and training industry invested less money, almost only one office and several staff enough. Trade barriers mainly reflected in the enrollment and teaching staff training, processes and services, such as teachers how to effectively interact with the students, franchisees how to develop their own teaching methods and standards of service system and so on.
    Most franchisees for psychological counseling and training sector is still the main reason for holding the attitude of hesitation, is this. Compared to foreign honed for decades, psychological consulting industry in China started less than a decade, and professional and practitioners have a high threshold for psychological counseling from the vocational qualification training, the ability to practice training, student internships, to the final practitioners, the full support of the counselors training system, need a strong "Big Mac" psychological consulting and training business can be achieved. However, in China there are few such enterprises.
    In Beijing, Shanghai and other cities of the few "giant" type of psychological consulting and training companies have to create a complete support system - provided to the franchisee perfect market partitioning support; providing market-proven, mature and effective market development, marketing operation, event planning, promotion, recruitment services and training programs; presence of the regional Commissioner for partner marketing guidance to assist partners to accurately cut into the market quickly open the market situation; help partners do late market maintenance.
    Such decomposition down, "Big Mac" psychological consulting and training businesses can use the professional advantages and rich resources swept all before and after sales aspects, franchisees with little investment, you can easily enter this sunrise industry.
    But school classes is still the biggest problem in the training industry - good and bad teachers, select the location of classes, student management, teaching qualification application, guarantee the quality of teaching.
    Remote training - Minimum investment, maximum return
    In China, the shortage of teachers counselors vocational training in order to carry out the traditional face to face manner counselor training is far difficult to meet the needs of society. Zhao, director of the Chinese mentality believes that distance training is the best choice for franchisees, "remote training mode can concentrate excellent faculty resources, saving the cost of inputs for the characteristics of adult training is the future direction of development. You can also make long-distance training joined cooperation partners no longer need to invest financial and human resources involved in the teaching process, minimize costs and ensure partners can focus entirely on the market development. "
    In addition, the director, said Zhao, such as China largest psychological counselor training institutions, students are provided by the country's unified call center services to reduce capital, manpower partner services. "China offers customer service 16 hours a day, each student is responsible for the potential partners and Area Studies students in answering questions, and have the desire to learn the students referred to the appropriate regional partners, increasing the size of the training partners . "
    Huaxia Psychological whole "nanny" type of service has attracted a lot of interest in the psychological training of franchisees are confident that, there are only around 40 franchisees joined in the year 2008, the Chinese partner institutions in the country has reached the cut-off date more than 150.
    It is foreseeable that in the near future, as China's economy continues to rise, increasing the psychological pressure nationals, increased psychological distress, to seek psychological help more and more people, and domestic psychological counseling and training industry in 2008 with a series of "event" and gradually warming up, the competition has yet to be white-hot, psychological consulting and training interested individuals or institutions at which point apparently is the best time.

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