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CIO Training Certification embarrassed

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CIO Training Certification embarrassed

ZDNet CIO Channel Update Time: 2009-08-12 Author: Source: IT Times
Keywords: Certification Training CIO
The rise of the information age evokes an era of belonging to the CIO. So, CIO are in the growth stage began searching for a sign of a self-identification. China Information Association CIO club formation is nothing but matter in December 2002, but there are a variety of training and certification on CIO in the country have started.
At present, China already existing point directly to the CIO to promote training and certification system, and many, such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Security this year launched a nationwide certification of enterprise information management division, Ministry of Information Industry CEAC (national computer information Education certification program) series CIO professional training, as well as provinces and regions within the scope of training and so on.
However, this large number of training, which is a truly socially acceptable it? Participate in such training, it can really help the CIO to the next level in their career? What the future will be certified within a wide range of social recognition and attention?
With the deputy director of the national center to promote application of Chen's words, "It's like horse racing as CIO certification, which will see the final certification run out", after all, the value of certification is only recognized by the community in order to get real expression.
However, CIO certification training in a racing environment to survive, but it certainly is experiencing embarrassment and confusion.
Social recognition is not high
To resolve the most fundamental certification or training and selection of personnel issues, otherwise it will become a kind of certification and training dummy. In fact, the country has emerged CIO certification still far from reaching the degree of social get widely recognized.
We can look at different business units of the CIO job requirements, in general, the most specific core requirements are: the candidates need to have a certain experience in the information management of the year, they need to preside or participate in any specific implementation of information technology projects . The relatively virtual requirement is the need to have the relevant knowledge and technology, and there is management awareness. In fact, not only understands technology but also understands management is expected in each of CIO certification training objectives, however, are some companies prefer employing relatively empty condition, there is no need to list the certain certification requirements, at least from one side certification reflects itself has not been recognized by society.
Faced with the current situation, the Deputy Secretary General of China Information Association CIO Branch Ming Hu told "IT Times" interview, said to be understood, he said: "Now these certifications in the market acceptance is indeed relatively low, if can not come up with evidence to prove that your training and certification can indeed cultivate talents, how people will believe that this certification is worth it? "
But at the same time, there are also actively advocated the establishment CIO training certification mechanism scholars look at this issue from another aspect, the professor left Meiyun Renmin University of China School of Information, told reporters: "If the same conditions of two people, a certificate, a no certificate, I believe the employer is more likely to choose a certificate that, after all, it can prove that you have received a certain system to learn. I think, although there are many various existing training worthy of improvement, but we should encourage everyone to participate in the training, CIO, experience is important, systematic study of the system is also very important. "
Knowledge System still defect
In fact, the CIO certification training to do to make the practical utility of the training is the aspiration of many certification bodies. It is understood that many training institutions each completed a training, will gather detailed feedback from the participants in order to constantly adjust in the future improved. However, we hope to do and has already done, after all, are two different things love, it is undeniable that the existing CIO training certification there is a more or less lacking.
For example, the Ministry of Labor Certification, more people in the industry point of view is held by: the certification content is too shallow, still not sufficient to meet the requirements of the CIO community. Professor Cao Shu Jin Zhongshan University Department of Information Management Department of Information Management and Information System on the correspondents said: "Basically, the Ministry of Labor certification systems analyst or walking path." Hu Ming also expresses identity, "From our now see the Ministry of labor certified knowledge analysis, from the CIO feels it's quite a distance standard. in addition, we feel CIO itself should be senior personnel on the strategic level, what level should not be divided, and Ministry of labor has certified divided three levels. "
In the interview, the reporter found that the Ministry of Labour in training and examination has been carried out, there are a lot of college students also participated in the assessment and assistant level receive a certificate, Ni Laoshi Zhejiang University School of Continuing Education Training, one point had on "iT Times" reporter, "said the assistant grade examination many seniors are too, because of the practice requirements are not so high." There is no work experience from a student rapidly into a CIO role, basically, this is extremely unlikely, but the students were able to pass CIO certification examination, got the appropriate certificate, which there are two explanations: First, as previously many industry insiders say, and this certification not really in accordance with standards set by CIO; Second, the certification graded, perhaps a highest level (not yet carried out) to achieve the requirements of the CIO, but the two levels below it are not, so why not altogether only set a real CIO level it?
To solve these problems raised by the outside world, Secretary-General of the National Occupational Skill Testing Expert Committee on Enterprise Information Management Committee, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of enterprise information management division vocational qualification training and information technology training courses Office remote Hao Hongzhi told "IT Times "Reporters interview responded:" this view, we can understand the contents of the technical level textbooks, and indeed there is no academic education in the courses so deep, it is because we are a professional certification, it is impossible to deepen each professional content attentive students who did help us a statistic that we are involved in the course of 21 disciplines, so much content, we can not, as the school's academic education, as put so deep. If you really to expand concerned, it may take years to learn science are endless, and we participate in the certification of the qualifications of persons who have made some restrictions to ensure that they have been before the training part of the relevant knowledge, we really want do is cultivate their comprehensive ability to cultivate technology plus management of compound talents. "
Strong theoretical and practical weak
Theory is important, but practice is the fundamental test of all theories.
However, in a survey of correspondents to master, you can clearly see the training of certified staff feedback on the existing system, more than 40% believe that theoretical training certification training is strong, but practical weak.
This is tantamount to an indirect denial of existing training CIO practical assistance. And at this pragmatic society, practicality is not strong professional certification education is undoubtedly a lot of people can not accept.
Chief Engineer of Guangdong cable television network technology department, says that although Xu Xiaoxia heard these certifications, but did not participate and will not participate, she said: "In general, theoretical knowledge mastered almost everyone, or those in critical practice groping up the experience. If someone wants to ask for an increase of wages with what certificate, but then work is no real help, it is meaningless things. "in the interview for most corporate CIO's, the reporter learned that, If his company feel the need for internal staff training, they generally do not go out to encourage employees to participate in any training, but led by the company, according to the actual needs of the company, please specialized people to carry out targeted training company. And this is precisely what many companies now more accepted way of learning, similar like ZTE, they even have their own ZTE University, has overall responsibility for internal training of all levels of employees, small general staff, large president, of course, the company also includes information of the person in charge.
In addition to targeted training, peer exchanges is also considered a worthy adoption of learning. Chinese network technology company Cisco Systems Engineer Ye Kaiguo correspondents said: "I think the most important thing is the exchange between peers, they can bring you a lot of practical lessons." Amway Corporation CIO Yang Haipeng is emphasized should contact partners from the usual work obtain the latest and fastest knowledge, as for training and certification, he said: "I have been doing this for many years, the training, I have to look at this is not really on their own training would be helpful, in fact, be the CIO position, what technology has been less emphasis on the key is to have enough common sense, but most of them are based on experience come. "
From this, the more valued by practitioners and practice, they are more inclined to gradually acquire knowledge and experience in his work, as Yang Haipeng said: "teach you the theory is a model, its role is to make people think about but each company's circumstances are different, the problems are not the same, knowledge must be utility work will occur after, and this is a step by step practice to get in. "

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