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New hot job market is not the first fire training

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New hot job market is not the first fire training


  Date: March 8, 2010 21:12:32 financial network  
  Gold investment analyst in the financial sector, capital market regulation of government departments and research institutions of popular talent. CFP for map
After the Spring Festival, the financial manager of ICBC branch OCT Xiaozhu began intensive work to wealth management, this time a small message circulated among colleagues to attract her attention - a specialized agency launched the "gold investment analyst," the new vocational training , were obtained by the national Vocational qualification.
"Now diversifying investment products, many customers have entrusted us with financial concerns gold financial products, to participate in such training may be able to improve their financial ability to attract more customers." Xiaozhu told reporters that they want to try. Reporters also learned that after the Spring Festival this year, the number of workplace sudden newborn as "gold investment analyst," "psychological accompanying teacher", "marriage counselor" and other new jobs, bring new wind of economic life. However, there to remind the industry, by the relevant industry associations, training institutions leading the introduction of some of the "new career", can integrate with the true needs of the market, is still a factor for training people to seriously consider.
Gold investment analyst "money" King tempting
"Since the financial crisis, international capital markets turbulent, global equity securities while the value has shrunk dramatically, global gold market is still at the cutting edge, the price soared 42%." Release gold investment analyst training relevant agencies responsible person briefed reporters, 2009 industrial output value of China's gold industry realized 137.5 billion yuan, the Shanghai gold Exchange total turnover of all kinds of gold products 4705 tons, turnover of 1.0277 trillion yuan, the Shanghai Futures Exchange, gold futures contracts traded a total of 6.81 million hands, turnover of 1.5272 trillion yuan , indicating that more and more foreign investors to tap opportunities in the Chinese gold market.
"Gold investment analyst in the country is a new career, they will rely on standard gold investment analysis techniques to help investors insight into investment opportunities, while thinking they synchronize with the global gold market practitioners, to help financial institutions improve the quality of service, a commercial bank VIP wealth management business is an important member of the team. "
It is understood that gold investment analyst in 2006 was included in the national vocational qualifications ceremony, the current from the development of national occupational standards and curricula to prepare teaching materials, teacher hiring, pilot training until at national level vocational qualifications, comprehensive review and issuance of the national vocational qualification certificate and other aspects have been complete. "So far, more than 1,000 people participated in the training and obtained qualification certificates."
"Gold investment analyst occupation space will be very broad." The official said, that they may serve in gold mining, processing, distribution and other enterprises, but also worked for gold investment, futures investment fund companies and intermediary services, asset management companies and commercial banks and other financial industries, the country's financial, foreign exchange and capital market supervision of government departments and research institutions also need such talent.
Although the "money" King of light, the reporter also noted that new jobs are not low threshold, according to reports, gold investment analyst career total of three levels, namely: Assistant gold investment analyst (National Vocational Qualifications three), gold investment analyst (national vocational qualifications 2), senior gold analyst at investment (national vocational qualification level), where gold investment analysts are required to perform their jobs more than 13 years! The cost of training is not low, gold investment analyst assistant training fees and appraisal fees add up to 5400 yuan, while gold investment analyst will need 9500 yuan.
Psychological accompany division professional Yin Zhengyi
Reporters noted that the current field of the birth of new jobs mainly in the service sector, if gold investment analysts for its professional financial services for the majority of people do not know it, since some of the new career debut in the field of life service will be subject to more more attention even questioned.
Shanghai Psychological Counseling Association Festival introduced, including registration "psychological accompanying teacher," including three new professional certification, which registered mental accompany the division will rely on professional psychological knowledge, "Reach" to accompany the elderly, children, the sick Threatened by such persons as well as side to provide psychological way of communicating spiritual care for them.
"Is to create a new career or continue to walk the edge of law and morality?" Registered mental accompany the advent of professional division, he attracted no small controversy. There are voices questioning whether psychological Chaperone "chatting" and finally become porn variants.
"Registered mental accompany the newly created division professional, work is chatting, chatting in general but there are essentially different sense, can be said to be a combination of medical and psychological care nurse consultant mental solace in one new work. "the association official said, in order to obtain a qualification registered mental accompany the division, must be 400 hours of professional learning and assessment, including social psychology, educational psychology, crisis intervention theory and techniques, psychological escort operation skills.
For the community on mental accompanying Whether the "cross-border" or cause "disguised" pornography concerns, the official said, because it is one to one service accompany division between customers, strong privacy, and therefore special needs strengthen the industry, the association will practitioner professional guidance and supervision, and to develop the relevant codes of practice, through training certificates accompanying psychological division, absolutely different from the so-called "chatting Mr." or "Miss chatting."
An objective look at the "new occupation"
"For training institutions and associations launched a new vocational training, people have an objective consideration." There workplace to remind consumers to a rational view of the holiday event of the "hot new career."
As the saying goes, "three hundred and sixty," occupation is a product of social and economic development, China's current rapid economic development, people's demand prompted a variety of different social division of labor increasingly refined, this is the birth of a new profession soil. However, nowadays all kinds of "new career" where one can deny that there will be "pseudo-occupation."
"A lot of 'new jobs' is the leading training institutions and associations launch, due to training fees, appraisal fees, interest factors during doping, often do not disclose the real career prospects in the market, people pay high tuition fees, but can not obtain the appropriate jobs or upgrade their professional capacity, more harm than good. "
Experts therefore advise, before members of the public to participate in the new vocational training should seriously examine their career prospects, while understanding the legitimacy and authority of relevant institutions, the curriculum is letting you learn and earn, in addition to understand the level of teachers, so that limited funds and the time can be used wisely, to really make their professional space has been improved.

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