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German "Dual System" Vocational Education Model in

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German "Dual System" Vocational Education Model in

"AHK- Shanghai, Jianxiong Vocational and Technical College professional and technical workers training center" (German Training Centre) the first graduation ceremony held in Taicang, Jiangsu Jianxiong Vocational and Technical College July 10, 95 students dressed in uniforms, receive their diplomas and AHK skills certificate, will soon be officially set foot on jobs.
    On behalf of Germany Germany Lower Saxony Mr. David McAllister, Beijing Embassy of the German Ambassador in China, Dr. Michael Schaefer, Consul General of Germany in Shanghai, Dr. Hai shield; Chinese representative State Intellectual Property Bureau, former deputy director of All-China Patent president agents Association Ma Lianyuan, Director of coordination and administration Department enforcement Department SIPO Zhaomei Sheng, attended the ceremony.
    It is understood that 95 graduates learn mechatronics and mold design and manufacture of professional professional is trained in accordance with the German "Dual System" mode. Currently, they have all been found to work in German companies, and will become a professional and technical personnel in Ward enterprises in high-quality.
    As "China German companies villages," the only "Sino-German business cooperation base", Taicang is one of the German company's most densely populated areas. Has been introduced a total of German companies more than 140, a total investment over one billion US dollars, with annual sales income of more than 10 billion yuan, formed a precision machining, auto parts manufacturing, new building materials three main features industry group.
    Further strong many rapidly German companies in Taicang demand for talent. In order to solve the too German companies highly qualified professionals shortage problem, in June 2007, Taicang Jianxiong College and the German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai Representative Office (AHK- Shanghai) formally established the "AHK- Shanghai, Jianxiong Vocational and Technical College professional and technical workers training center ", the introduction of the German" dual system "of vocational education mode, schools and enterprises together, as in too German companies targeted delivery of high-quality professionals.
    At present, the Sino-German Training Centre prior mechatronics and mold design and manufacture two majors. Total 07,08,09 grade students 296, each student about 100. Participants through training for three years, participating in and passed by the German Chamber of Commerce guild organization graduation exam receive their award vocational certificate.
    "This project from the outset outside Germany itself in the largest German vocational training programs field of industrial technology, which also includes a very high demand mechatronics specialty." General Manager provide the organizational foundation for that project training and exam Hanover Chamber of Commerce Dr. Pulei Ao said that this is a long-term project, there will be 50 mechatronics and 50 mold students graduate each year, they will become professional and technical personnel of German companies in China, and to the TPG investment operations prices or deliberately has always been too much investment in German companies has a very good promoting and supporting role.

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