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Not on the way US universities have vocational education to

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Not on the way US universities have vocational education to

Europe has always been well-respected professional education in the United States long-term "bench", but in recent years, a growing number of state and local governments began to raise public vocational education as internationally competitive weapon.
    According to the British "Economist" magazine reported July 2, Sarah Zandvoort and Ashlee Jacques Sen and many other young girls no different kind, Sarah liked football, Ashlee is the school where she cheerleader . They are in a nursing home as an assistant care workers, income is not bad. Sarah wanted to vocational nurses; and Ashley could become a pharmacist, their future is bright. All this thanks to America's most high school education projects discrimination - Vocational education has done.
    Vocational education was suffering from cold
    Americans ingrained contempt for vocational education. It is widely believed that culture courses is the key to getting students into college, get paid and also the future global competitiveness of the weight.
    Although early in 1917, the United States on the development of the "Smith Act," to support the development of vocational education; in addition, in 1984, the United States introduced the "Perkins Act" to expand the federal government subvention objects, and provides federal grants to promote government cooperation with the private sector between the academic foundation to enhance vocational education. Moreover, "Perkins Act" to re-sign every six years, to continue to support vocational education.
   However, many Americans hate allow students to enter the job market practices. In their view, the future fate of the students decided to advance the practice of this belief is a fair chance of provocation. While vocational education is also renamed "Career and technical education (CTE)", however, are still reluctant to high school students on the vocational school, we are planning to university.
    With the income of university graduates is increasing, people questioned CTE is also increasing, people in vocational education plummeted. In 1982, one-third of high school graduates received vocational education (dedicated to learning a skill), while in 2005, this proportion dropped to one-fifth. On the contrary, in 2003, 17-year-old high school student in the United States, the proportion of four-year universities to apply for up to 69%, twice in 1981.
    Vocational education more attention
    However, the Council of Economic Advisers predicted that the future society requires a lot more prepared to accept a two-year vocational education or professional skills training of the labor force, rather than full-time university graduates.
    Last month, the National Governors Association presented several new standards, allowing students a red heart, good "academic and professional hands ready." A few states, regional and think tanks are more aggressive, they believe, seeking to boost revenue and international competitiveness of the moment in the United States, CTE may be a promoter rather than an obstacle.
    There are also a growing number of state and local leaders support CTE. Those with vocational education and pre-university education as opposed to practice different, they try to combine the two. CTE students can choose to study at university, continue to receive training or directly to work. "Perkins Act" can only Mianbozhili to these efforts, the US government is the biggest driving force behind. Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has extended the state of youth trainee program to provide internship opportunities for high school students such as Sarah and Ashley. These vocational school students in terms of cultural studies, but complementary.
    CTE is the most successful model is the "Career Academy." In 1969, Philadelphia became the first "eat crabs," and the success of the 1980s, California began to follow, then, Sandy Weill at the National Academy Foundation, the project began to move toward the country. These modest school class cultural lessons and skills combine and provide internship opportunities for students. If these practices are able to carry out well in the end, vocational education will face a new look, but also of great benefit to society as a whole.
    American Educational Research and Social Policy nonprofit organization Human Demonstration Research Corporation (MDRC, Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation) found on Vocational College and will not make people gain more knowledge, but professional culture lesson does make income increased by 11 students %, which is the boy's revenue increased by 17%, and easier to find marriage partners.
    Now, the challenge facing the United States is how to scale up similar projects. In Chicago, a large-scale high school, Kevin opened a special way modest financial professional schools, the creation of marketing, accounting, personal finance and other aspects of the curriculum. He invited the executives to the school lectures, internships help students contact. Chicago education department said it would change its CTE system, mimicking the way special schools run by professional models, cultural classes and training for emerging industries combined. California also introduced similar reforms, it is the biggest promoter of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    US President Barack Obama will also promote such plans to promote vocational education in the country to reform. Last year, he asked every American committed to participating in training at least one year, through community colleges, four-year universities, vocational education or probation to other various ways to complete. However, the government is still emphasis on academic abilities, the Minister of Education reform plan, almost no mention of vocational education.
    No matter what, at the same time, a bold new program is slowly forming. National Education and Economic Center (NCEE) is developing a test for sophomore students. By this test students can choose to enter a community college or high school and continue to apply for four-year universities; students who did not pass the test, you need extra tuition courses to pass the exam. Funded by the Gates Foundation, this program to start next year in eight pilot states.
    Some parents were very angry, worried the situation could lead to stratification of students appear. NCEE the "Master" Mark Tucker suggested that they could be open to community college students, so that students can get more opportunities, not less.

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