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Singapore Higher Vocational Education Development of Our Voc

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Singapore Higher Vocational Education Development of Our Voc

World industrialization and modernization process of the course all the countries along with a great development of vocational and technical education in Singapore as well. Singapore was originally a British colony in 1959 to obtain autonomy, independence in 1965. Throughout the colonial period, the Singapore education take the form of a single general education, for the purpose of re-export is to develop some services and government civilian employment, vocational and technical education has not been attention and concern. This situation only until independence has undergone fundamental changes. Vocational and technical education has since been used as support for economic development and an important part of attention and developed rapidly. As the weight of the vocational and technical education of vocational and technical education, has thus developed. Therefore, the success of Singapore Vocational, largely due to the development of vocational education at the same time the beginning of the development of vocational education, therefore, one of Singapore's vocational and technical education history, occupational history is a higher technical education.
    Follow the development path of vocational and technical education in Singapore, we can find out some inspiration with regularity in order to promote China's Higher Vocational Education Reform.
(A) attach importance to the development of higher vocational and technical education, vocational development and always place a strategic position
    Practice has proved that vocational and technical education is the key to Singapore's industrialization started, its economic take-off gliding board. In previous autonomy, Singaporeans despise vocational and technical education, vocational study that the university is not, do not want to put their children to higher vocational and technical schools. However, during the ruling Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore attaches great importance to vocational training, the government put education, training and skills development in a prominent position, as an important task. And continue to take measures in administrative leadership, funding, and other certification system to ensure that the strategic importance of vocational and technical education. Especially in the rapid development of high-tech today, in order to achieve to make Singapore a "technology Intelligent Island" goals, more attention to Singapore vocational and technical education, as it will be the vanguard of human resources development. This revelation we must completely change despising vocational and technical education stereotypes, fully aware of the strategic position of Higher Vocational Education. Especially in vocational status issues, must not merely verbal propaganda, we must give them protection in the legal, institutional and financial. To strengthen national vocational development of unified planning and management, give full play to the leading role of co-ordination and the role of government, the gradual establishment of overall planning, division of labor, coordination, development of self-management mechanism; the supply side by increasing funding resources efficiency, education cost-sharing, multi-channel financing and other ways to solve, but also learn from Singapore impose a "skills development Fund" do </PGN0056A.TXT/PGN> law, charge a certain amount of taxes for training to enterprises, open eyes, absorbing foreign capital and loans for the development of higher vocational education.
(B) focus on practical vocational and technical education and advance
    Singapore Higher Vocational Education in the development process, on the one hand emphasis on practicality, with the needs of economic development; the other hand, pay attention to proper advance, so that vocational always walk in the top of the production and construction of the actual work plays ahead guiding role. In order to make vocational education and training in effective and practical, the Singapore government agencies and vocational training centers, initiative and enterprise and industry together to study the training program, to understand the production of technology needs, identify training content and courses. In higher vocational colleges, often put more theoretical, practical things speak less, basically belong to the pure teaching institutions, the result is after graduation embarked on vocational jobs suited to work because at school is the theoretical, operational and practical things to learn less, naturally can not meet the actual work. On the other hand, vocational and technical education in Singapore has also focused on the advance. This is reflected in two aspects: First, pay attention to the study of international new technology, especially high-tech development trends, demand attention to the study of technology and talent after the domestic industrial structure adjustment, continue to give higher vocational education and training to provide a new message; Second, the requirement for ongoing staff training and retraining, to give them the opportunity to continue to accept the creation of a new knowledge and new technologies. Therefore, learn from Singapore's experience, our vocational and technical education should not only strengthen the practical, but also must be established ahead of consciousness, so that vocational students to receive more new knowledge and new technologies.
(Iii) emphasize practicality and effectiveness of the Higher Vocational Education
    Singapore from Germany's "dual system" to take "teaching factory" The Vocational Education Thought. "Teaching Factory" thinking very seriously this teaching student teaching, vocational students each semester eight weeks to practice to factories and enterprises, factories and enterprises have the examination and evaluation of each student. In addition, the school also has a group of industrial projects the agency responsible for guiding graduates six-month industrial project design and manufacture. Six months, students do 40 hours a week with industrial projects, but also to the factory practice Saturday afternoon. Thus, the application of knowledge to students and practical ability to open up the road. In addition, vocational skills training in Singapore also paid great attention in high school practice, training in practice, in practice, increase their abilities. Such as government regulations, just graduated from university students took to the job, should probationary year, organized by the government or employers employing department related to their job training, mentoring and assign special personnel to familiarize them with job and business procedures as soon as possible .
    The effectiveness of vocational and technical education in Singapore refers to two aspects: one refers to vocational and technical education in Singapore authoritative. Such as government regulations, work in Singapore must undergo vocational training; government implementation of the "political elite", technocratic, advocacy and implementation of "excellent learning Shi." In terms of government service, in order to gradually replace technical experts and political agitator; in business management, the employer is to reuse those trained technical experts and management genius. This training is obtained from the policy incentives, government employees or whether it reached the enterprise employees, are very enthusiastic to participate in the training effect. On the other hand, it refers to the effectiveness of vocational and technical education achievements. Since the Singapore government's attention, practice-based teaching highlight other reasons, Singapore vocational success. According to 1998 statistics, Singapore's high school students to the general number of university students accounted for 29% of the vocational and technical education institutions accounted for 62%, of which 36% Polytechnic, Institute of Technical Education accounts for about 26%.
(Iv) to establish a system of vocational education, strengthening vocational and general high communication and convergence
    Singapore started from the beginning of the founding of the importance to the development of higher vocational and technical education, after 40 years of reform and development, and today has become a up and down from the low level to high level, vocational and General Gao convergence around the join "overpass" type of vocational and technical education system. In the post-secondary education in Singapore, vocational and general high span and allows multiple layers to enhance and upgrade the educational system to adapt to the Cohesion based courses, the school system without starting from the respective docking. To implement vocational communication with general high, Singapore and various types of education at all levels split and conversion between each other, mainly in the Certificate or Diploma courses based on academic achievement, not a separate special entrance examination. Academic excellence of the Institute of Technical Education students may ascend Institute, College of outstanding graduates can enter college. This kind of achievement for the selection of each course standard approach worth our study and learn when considering and designing "San Xiaosheng" up vocational or future college or university undergraduate university vocational liter vocational selection approach.
    In each course achievement standards for the selection of the benefits in three areas, one can make, "San Xiaosheng" not employment but also for further studies and is committed to learn technical or technician course objectives, to improve the effectiveness of teaching three kinds of secondary vocational and technical schools and vocational education to achieve the goal; the second is to reduce the wanted further studies, "San Xiaosheng" after-school tutoring to learn and prepare for the burden of vocational examinations, of course, also be able to reduce the school to attract junior high school graduates to apply for a promise to help students tutoring and psychological burden the actual implementation of remedial teaching load of teaching; Third, it could save the government and education sectors for the organization of entrance examination Higher expenses and manpower required.
(E) to strengthen foreign exchange, export-oriented talent cultivation
    Continue to strengthen the integration trend in today's world, worldwide trade, financing and technology transfer are increasingly expanding scale. In order to meet the new situation of economic development, various countries have begun to attach importance to export-oriented professional education, vocational and technical training to the international vision of talent, it has the capabilities to participate in international competition. Singapore Government in the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, while the introduction of training resources, culture founded training center or technical college senior technical workers. Such training center there are seven: that Brown Bao Weili training center, training center Philippe, Dada training centers, training centers in Japan, Germany and New College, Institute of Software Technology of Japan and the New School Act. Great work involved in the training center was founded in Singapore are foreign manufacturers of large investments or foreign government officials in Singapore have close contacts. With a full range of currently open, export-oriented and import-substituting both the export-oriented economy has become increasingly active economic development and a growing need for new composite diverse talents with modern international vision. Modernization of vocational and technical personnel need to modernize vocational technical school to train, but to create a modern first-class vocational education training bases costly, domestic investment alone is difficult. China should learn from the practice in Singapore, jointly with a foreign government or corporate training base, so not only can solve the financial difficulties, but also to introduce modern teaching equipment, training experts and advanced teaching methods.

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