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CIP street dance certification Sichuan Agency - OF street da

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CIP street dance certification Sichuan Agency - OF street da

Recently, CIP International Association of professional certification management and Deyang City of hip hop dance pop art school was formally signed, of hip-hop pop art school become CIP International Vocational Certification Management Association in Sichuan Province street agency, also in the CIP's international children's talent contest international super model competition and international competition on the depth of cooperation.

Deyang of hip-hop pop art school in Deyang City is a very powerful dance school, is a dance courses offered the most comprehensive and professional dance training institutions, it can be said to be leading No.1 in Deyang hip-hop. The school from its inception, has always been committed to Deyang local and international cultural exchanges and cooperation, this is the depth of cooperation with the CIP International Vocational Certification Management Association, become CIP International Vocational Certification Management Association designated by the Sichuan Provincial dance agency certification, but also the only company in Deyang City CIP hip hop authentication center. It also marks the same time they have under the municipal agent, examination center and other rights, while assisting the CIP street dance Certification Center in Sichuan Province, China headquarters to carry out street dance certification project. OF street dance training school has a strong faculty team and a unique operating model, it is learned, Deyang City, only four people won the CIP street dance certification, and all of them are OF street dance school teacher! Among them, the principal Wu Weifeng was CIP international vocational certification as an international professional talent.

     CIP headquarters staff also said that they have been in the choice of partners is also very cautious, chose of hip hop as a proxy, is because they have specialized training and good reputation, I believe that this cooperation is a win-win cooperation.
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