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Provincial financial investment funds nearly 1 billion yuan

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Provincial financial investment funds nearly 1 billion yuan

National and provincial experimental teaching demonstration system preliminary formation of the Ministry of education since the start of the construction of experimental teaching demonstration center in universities, as of the end of 2008, the 84 national experimental teaching demonstration center have been built, 28 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government have established a provincial-level demonstration center 918, the initial formation of the national and provincial level experimental teaching demonstration system. This is the reporter from the first National University Laboratory in October 27th to understand the work of the forum. Vice Minister of education Wu Qidi attended the forum and delivered a speech.
Wu Qidi said, to improve the quality of higher education, to strengthen the training of practical ability and innovative ability, college laboratory in which the important role can not be replaced. All colleges and universities should renew ideas, raise awareness, pay full attention to the laboratory work, attaches great importance to laboratory work, pay attention to experimental teaching, the theoretical and experimental teaching co-ordination atmosphere; increase investment, integration of resources, improve the experimental conditions; enrich the power on training, effectively improve the level of experimental team, attract teachers to encourage a high level of investment in the experimental teaching absorption, high level of professional and technical personnel in the front line of production, management and service in experimental teaching; strengthen the management, rationalize the system, give full play to the overall efficiency of the laboratory, better service for teaching and research; to strengthen research, promote exchanges, promote the laboratory work to a new level, and strive to create a new situation in the work of University laboratory.
According to reports, construction of experimental teaching demonstration center of colleges and universities led to the provinces and cities as well as the input, the provincial public finance investment in recent years the experiment teaching demonstration center construction funds nearly 10 billion yuan that universities and colleges invest in nearly 50 billion yuan. According to incomplete statistics, the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the number of national university laboratory over a lot of, laboratory area increased more than two times, the laboratory teaching equipment value from more than 600 billion yuan increased to more than 1000 billion yuan, especially since 2005, to carry out the experiment teaching demonstration center construction work, effectively stimulating local and University of teaching laboratory inputs.
It is understood that the Ministry of education, the Ministry of Finance recently in the "quality project of higher education" in key arrangement, regulate the construction of 500 state-level experimental teaching demonstration center, the evaluation to promote the construction, construction of school type and geographical distribution, complete types of disciplines and experimental center of the experimental teaching demonstration system. Source: "China Education Newspaper"

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