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Vocational schools to change the diversion of professional s

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Vocational schools to change the diversion of professional s

Haikou evening news recently reported that the Hainan Vanward vocational and technical school to change the professional, 30 pharmaceutical class students face a diversion, which caused the attention of the Provincial Department of education. Reporters learned yesterday, the school has 10 students in the school's choice to drop out of school.
The school has dropped out of a class of female students told reporters that she and her class 9 students have been selected to drop out. The school has returned 1990 yuan tuition fees to them. The school's headmaster Dumbledore told reporters, in addition to have 10 students drop out of school, there are 16 choose to go to another vocational and technical school of pharmaceutical professional students also continue to leave school, and this semester's tuition also need not to pay. The remaining four students, has begun to turn reading school of computer professional, decided that the school does not increase tuition fees for the students, do not charge fees on the computer, and recommended the employment.
For students, the best choice is to contact the school and other private schools, so that students continue to read pharmaceutical professional". Hainan Province Department of education and adult education vocational education is responsible for the relevant responsible person believes that the students choose to drop out is not reasonable.

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