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2016 "Masterpiece of" CIP international beauty ind

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2016 "Masterpiece of" CIP international beauty ind

International beauty industry's top event, "Masterpiece of" CIP grand international beauty industry competition will be held in "Land of Abundance" Chengdu, Sichuan Province in May 2016 23-24! When the US industry movers and teachers gathered around the best players gathered together to build China's beauty industry event.

Organized by CIP International Professional Certification Management Association, China Association for small and medium business enterprises, the Chinese Vocational Education Society as a guide units, Xi Feng Advertising Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, Hong Kong prestigious International (Group) Co., Ltd., Chengdu Splendid names Trading Company, Chengdu Enchanting fame biological Technology Co., Ltd. co-organizer.

Now players and review the registration has been fully closed, entered the stressful event planning and preparing phase, the purpose is in order to competitors and review presented a session of high standard, high requirements, fantastic international beauty industry event!
The contest is a set of munsu, manicure, makeup, eyelashes, hairdressing and beauty industry in the beauty of the six theme games as one of the large-scale comprehensive beauty industry events, is a field with a call for national co pay attention to "health, fashion, beauty" is the mission of public environmental health beauty industry event!

CIP international beauty industry competition is a fairness, openness, the world of large beauty art and design industry award competition. The competition is aimed at by way of China and around the world to compete on the same stage to promote domestic beauty industry level of technology and artistic vision, so as to promote the exchange and development of China's beauty industry. The international beauty industry competition specially invited the world a number of beauty industry association participation, to invite the industry leader in the region both at home and abroad to attend as expert panel of experts and have strict rules of the game and score standard, designed to create a fair, just and open the beauty industry event! Convergence of beauty industry the plate industry elite, instructors and players, showing flourishing beautiful visual culture art, display the excellent works of beauty industry elite, the full affirmation to make outstanding contributions to the outstanding talents for the development of cultural industry in China and the United States, and combined with the media tracking reports, and try our best to create the highest quality of Chinese beauty industry event.

In this small series I wish the contest a complete success, I wish the players can play a good result, a good ranking!

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