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CIP international beauty industry invited tutor Xing pool

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CIP international beauty industry invited tutor Xing pool

Liu Xingchi: Shaanxi star pool (Xi'an) image design Co., Ltd., the founder of the CPC members, the national senior makeup artist, hair. Entered the United States in 2009 industry.


Was born in an ordinary rural family, Xing pool of hard experience, creating a his legend, in front of the sufferings and hardships, a positive and healthy attitude to his face, from a rural children become a famous image of the designer. What is important is not his brilliant achievements, it is important that he is different from the ordinary people's thinking and positive life attitude. He has been in the perception of life, he often said, "the real success is not to use status, fame and fortune to measure, is the sublimation of personality and perfect, is more strong, mature in the face of life". His experiences and ideas will inspire a lot of people. Every miracle is born, without exception, there are countless painstaking efforts and pay, each individual's achievements and experiences include the number of suffering and hardships. From a small maohai to still have their own brand: Shaanxi star pool image design Co., Ltd., the company has developed into a technical training, hairdressing, image design, production of clothing, cosmetics and jewelry as one of the company. All this is not only the result of his efforts to fight, but also with his unique way of life, sincere love everyone around him is not open. Flatly light, really real work, but made the performance of ordinary people difficult to make. In view of the contribution he made to the industry, China beauty industry Oscar Jinshang awards awarded him the beauty industry ten outstanding image designer title, Xing pool today is not only a professional makeup artist, is a representative of the Chinese beauty industry talent, ordinary people to successful model. But every successful people are not necessarily a complete and absolute, in his experience, there have been failures, there have been successful, had expanded, making a conscious, arrogant, also has a humble. Is a person will inevitably have a mistake, to do things will inevitably go wrong, this is not important, the key is to today he is still in progress. In fact, each person's achievements, is a part of the society, the emergence of every new thing, its corresponding market demand, if everyone to do his duty, the adjust position, he is a success.

Make up cognition: as we all know, the beauty of the heart people all have, into the civilized society, people's pursuit of quality of life is more and more high. But also to promote the rapid development of cosmetic industry, we as a stylist, nine such as Genesis dream, his dream weave beautiful beautiful clothes, for makeup artist, more like the dream, dream of the interpretation of the image of the designer, using make-up let it more real.

There are a variety of beautiful people, to show their own style of a lot, and make up, can better enhance our own temperament, but also the most direct. We are familiar with the business, to the customer needs, to achieve a win-win situation.

Chinese Liu Xingchi birthplace: Shaanxi
Occupation: image designer nation: Han
Birth place: Xi'an date of birth: 1993,12,02
Gender: male main achievement:
Chinese Communist Party members
National senior makeup artist
National Senior hairdresser
Liaoning makeup Association
Member of Shaanxi province beauty and hairdressing cosmetic association
CIP international senior makeup artist
2011 Xi'an beauty salon professional skills competition in hair dryer turned up the first prize
The first 2014 Chinese Xi'an Silk Road International Beauty Festival invited stylist Consultant
Ten national top 2014 outstanding image designer
2015 annual Chinese beauty industry Masters
2015 the United Kingdom CIP international beauty industry competition, the executive chairman of the judges
2015 year hairdressing art world leader
2015 China International Beauty art contest
2015. The world "laishang Bank Cup" Shandong Liaocheng occupation skills contest judges, top make-up makeup tutorial
The 2015 session of the eighth China international Manicure Makeup Art Contest Finals judges makeup
The year 2015 "China International Fashion Stylist awards ceremony" is "the dresser" make up news fashion magazine image design beauty makeup contest expert judges and executive chairman
2015 seventh Shaanxi beauty salons makeup makeup Manicure occupation skills contest judges
2015 meet in Huizhou, the director of a party to
2015 wayward beauty, thousands of the first executive director of bloom Fashion Festival
2015 national beauty industry enterprise alliance and the beauty industry association forum nail munsu contest Executive Consultant 2015 UK CIP international supermodel contest, children's star model contest Shaanxi division finals judges
Many times as China beauty industry competition, the executive chairman of the judges, and also for each contest organizers emphasis on their own, contest to shoulder the mission and strive to do a good job are responsible for their own work, lead judge and the judges of a conscientious and responsible, careful to do a good job in every aspect of a score, adhering to the contest responsible, for the players responsible for "fair, just and open" principle of positive score, for the contest named the most outstanding player.

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