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Yuan Real Jewelry Institute April 2016 CPI jewelry appraiser

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Yuan Real Jewelry Institute April 2016 CPI jewelry appraiser

On 30 April 2016, CIP Certified International Jewelry appraisers exam was held in the Institute of real jewelry, as CIP International Vocational Certification Management Association of Zhengzhou city exclusive accreditation examination center, Institute of real jewelry well exam all the preparatory work, fully cooperate with the test, high standard completed the examination of the organization's mission.

For the examination, the school attaches great importance to. Before the exam, the school launched a period of 10 days of exam training, strengthen and consolidate the students to review the theoretical knowledge and jewelry instrument practice skills, and students of the CIP examination is also of considerable importance, each student are made adequate preparations to meet the exam this time.

Of course, the examination is not only to get the CIP International Certified jewelry certificate, but also to test the students grasp the skills of jewelry identification, but also to test the teaching level of yuan real jewelry college.

Jewelry certification program is also the CIP international professional certification management association in this year's high attention and focus on promoting the development of the project. And Yuan Real Jewelry Institute of the CIP jewelry certification exam is also the same by the CIP International Vocational Certification Management Association of China headquarters of the high attention. Institute of real jewelry is a professional jewelry appraiser training school, at present in Henan Zhengzhou, Jinan, Shandong and Jilin Changchun three teaching campus, the school currently offers have jewelry appraisal and investment programs, and Hetian jade identification and investment courses, jade identification and investment course, color gemstone identification and investment course, organic gemstone identification and investment courses, jewellery design course, beaded jewelry series rope and invest in training courses, have set up different teaching forms, including online broadcast, video on demand and face-to-face class, is the first online and offline combined School of jewellery.

This year's two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang when the government work report, the craftsman spirit was first appeared in the government work report. Craftsman spirit has been the focus of government departments, and jewelry is the jewelry industry craftsmen, focus on details, rigorous focus, refined specificity. Strict checks for gem identification, identification of a piece of fine presents to the market. And CIP International Vocational Certification Management Association has been performing the best craftsmen "gatekeeper" to rebuke harshly, examination, check and ratify each of our industry in the best craftsmen.

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