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"China Dream - Dream Boys" Zhou Yufei "Do not

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"China Dream - Dream Boys" Zhou Yufei "Do not

Recently, by the entertainment media industry group, Jinan entertainment star search culture media Co., Ltd., tries their best to build children's dream project, C the speed of oncoming force swift and violent, following the previous "small football dream" children's inspirational MV hot landed in the country, and a small child Yufei Zhou, in accompanied by parents completed "don't be afraid" MV shooting.
In the entertainment media C the speed of children's dream project "China dream dream boys" star anthology "don't be afraid" MV, through the perspective of children and adolescents, tells the story of the children between pure and friendly friendship. At the same time, the MV through the dramatic art of expression and film shooting skills, the campus story vivid, perfect presentation.

According to the relevant staff said, the Philippines, 11 year old children were participating in entertainment media more than children's movie and drama, and served as a small host and participate in a variety of large-scale festival. Now she is on the stage and the spotlight more calm, calm, standing in front of the camera as a behavior between superstar. Cutting-edge youth director Huang Xiaolong said: "the Philippines a strong sense of the lens, intelligent and good understanding, very powerful energy is a rare talent".
Review MV before shooting, in the entertainment media C sonic project supervisor group and Yufei Zhou a pedestrian to the recording studio, Philippines by famous musicians were professional guidance, and recordings she made every effort to uttering accurate, sentence in place, burst out of the shock force infected everyone present. MV shooting end so far, expect entertainment media heart to heart to create the "China dream - Dream boys" C sonic project continue to for us to launch more outstanding young stars.
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