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CIP offers certification and related education and training and, where CIP is the issuing authority, testing and professional certification, Major areas of certification include: Full name: Chinese Language Teacher Abbreviated name: CLT Full name:Certified International Professional Manager Abbreviated name:CIPM Full name:Senior Professional in Human Resources Abbreviated name:SPHR Full name: Certified International Financial Expert Abbreviated name: CIFE Full name: Certified International Strategic Planning Manager Abbreviated name: CISPM Full name: Certified Production Operation Manager Abbreviated name: CPOM Full name: Certified Sales Expert Abbreviated name: CSE Full name: Certified international Professional Lecturer Abbreviated name: CIPL

2016 the first phase of CIP International Professional Train

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2016 the first phase of CIP International Professional Train

2016 the first phase of the CIP International Vocational instrumental training seminar will be held April 11 - 13 in Guangzhou open, the seminar sponsored by CIP International Vocational Certification Management Association, CIP International Vocational Certification Management Association Professional Committee of the instrumental contractors.
CIP international professional certification management association in the international has a very high visibility, the London government and the relevant institutions designated one of the ten training certification bodies, for the British government to develop high-end talent. In recent years, CIP talent training and certification model, especially in the various countries have been warmly welcomed, and has a large number of partners.
Certified Professional instrumental music training division is divided into early, middle and high level, project of a certification exam, guzheng, violin, drums, vocals, ukulele, instrumental music.

CIP international professional instrumental training certificate mainly in instrumental music training teachers, instrumental music industry workers, instrumental music lovers in the qualification training and grading, CIP training subject for adults and children's art education, adults, the teacher's certificate will be the backbone of the concerning the future of the industry, and CIP future examination center of reserve resources.

CIP international occupation qualification training class instrumental professional teaching team invited senior lecturer for the training lecturer, Guangdong University of Technology law school [] teaching music teacher Jiang Jian "humanistic culture", Italy famous jazz guitarist [FrancesechiniGianluigi] playing "teaching and practice", Chinese guitar virtuoso instrumental professional management association international occupation certification review [] director Xiaoqing week "music teaching theory", Shenzhen city Baixun easy Technology Co Ltd CEO teaching "to build training network platform and marketing", Shenzhen Yi Zhi Education Technology Co. Ltd. [CMO] "training institutions teaching tour Wenjun Internet management", instructor team will carry on the test and training in April 11, 2016 -4 13 august.

It is reported that the curriculum has the domestic first-class music expert and professor of music lecture, lecture and domestic famous president, teach how to use micro channel, network platform, bring training institutions advanced marketing techniques and marketing methods. Intelligent training institutions, is the trend of the era, small piano and training organizations, with minimal cost can also be to make its own characteristics, leading the trend, the development of new training institutions item, area only.
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