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CIP contest rookie XIAO Yang extraordinary child star

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CIP contest rookie XIAO Yang extraordinary child star

2016 organized by CIP International Children Model Contest, the child star from Tianjin Star Chan training base out of a rookie - XIAO Yang, XIAO Yang, now 8 years old, was an innocent little girl, because she's a strong sense of self-reliance and the usual hard training, only made her more outstanding. During the CIP model contest, the XIAO Yang use their own experience accumulated, by virtue of their unique temperament and stage presence, winning the contest crown.

XIAO Yang is an extraordinary child star past few years, she has participated in various activities, and is also involved in filming commercials and films, which all proved XIAO Yang distinctive strength. XIAO Yang show an extraordinary variety of activities of their own, to prove their strength, she is also a variety of activities in a variety of experiences and lessons learned, and so make themselves more fully to face the future. By shooting commercials and films, making XIAO Yang more aware sense of the lens, to make their performance better.

Today CIP International Children's Model Competition XIAO Yang is the usual practice in learning and accumulation of strength to show up, the judges unanimously praised explained XIAO Yang's performance is impeccable, after exercise CIP International Model Contest, XIAO Yang achievements they are not trivial pursuit, she became more confident, more efforts will be to face the future life, I believe XIAO Yang will adjust their mentality and prudent for their future more performances to show their talent .

The future belongs to children, only the strong will make juvenile powerful countries, XIAO Yang is a hard work of the boy, so she will continue to write his own life even more remarkable for their future lays out a more beautiful color. XIAO Yang look forward to the transformation, she will expect a more unusual way of life.
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