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CIP offers certification and related education and training and, where CIP is the issuing authority, testing and professional certification, Major areas of certification include: Full name: Chinese Language Teacher Abbreviated name: CLT Full name:Certified International Professional Manager Abbreviated name:CIPM Full name:Senior Professional in Human Resources Abbreviated name:SPHR Full name: Certified International Financial Expert Abbreviated name: CIFE Full name: Certified International Strategic Planning Manager Abbreviated name: CISPM Full name: Certified Production Operation Manager Abbreviated name: CPOM Full name: Certified Sales Expert Abbreviated name: CSE Full name: Certified international Professional Lecturer Abbreviated name: CIPL

Wu Wentai

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Wu Wentai

Education: Bachelor's degree in Chinese Medicine Research Institute (Department of gynaecology and medicine)
Health management division of the American Association for the education of natural medicine
American Society for natural medicine
Club: Hongkong Association of traditional Chinese physicians permanent members
Advisor / lecturer of the China Institute of Bio Energy Research
Doctor member of China Society of natural medicine
Consultant / lecturer of Kaohsiung high quality life Association
International Professional Certification Management Association (CIP) lecturer
Partner (Xiamen) Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
Health Management Specialist / Technical Research Associate
Publication books: a witness to the health of the miracle - the entire health care system

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