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CIP offers certification and related education and training and, where CIP is the issuing authority, testing and professional certification, Major areas of certification include: Full name: Chinese Language Teacher Abbreviated name: CLT Full name:Certified International Professional Manager Abbreviated name:CIPM Full name:Senior Professional in Human Resources Abbreviated name:SPHR Full name: Certified International Financial Expert Abbreviated name: CIFE Full name: Certified International Strategic Planning Manager Abbreviated name: CISPM Full name: Certified Production Operation Manager Abbreviated name: CPOM Full name: Certified Sales Expert Abbreviated name: CSE Full name: Certified international Professional Lecturer Abbreviated name: CIPL

Qingdao sea bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and CIP launched in

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Qingdao sea bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and CIP launched in

Qingdao Guohai Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Qingdao GuoHai Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd) located in Qingdao to implement the national "blue economy" and the city Party committee and government "Central Bay protection, pro Bay Development" strategy in key areas, national high tech industrial area of Qingdao, adjacent to Qingdao Liuting International Airport, the geographical position is superior, convenient transportation, infrastructure improvement, with broad space for development.
The company has four buildings in line with the national GMP (new version) specifications for the clean plant and pharmaceutical logistics warehouses, equipment first-class quality inspection center, R & D center and office buildings and related ancillary facilities. Company construction area of 30000 square meters, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. The company attaches great importance to software construction and enterprise management, especially in the quality control and control of the establishment of a sound security system. The company is certified as a whole by GMP.
China Sea pharmaceutical shoulder "to build a high quality pharmaceutical companies and create a healthy life" mission, is committed to for the people to provide safe, efficient, high-quality health products. We focus on tumor, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and drug production and research and development, is the first approved by the national large doses of anti-cancer drugs and 10 gauge was included in the national essential drugs, health insurance directory and the new rural cooperative medical system directory. The national cancer drug Megestrol Acetate Dispersible Tablets (trade name: Giri Ji) won the national invention patent. The company has a core product of raw material production and health care products production and sales, and there are a number of new varieties of reserves will be listed.
China Sea pharmaceutical adhering to the core values of "integrity, professionalism, teamwork, innovation," the view, adhere to the "to do business in Germany, achievement sharing" business philosophy, scientific planning the company's development strategy, development goals and marketing mode, establish the perfect market marketing pattern, policy and business provided management system, has laid a solid foundation for the future development of China Sea pharmaceutical.
Xiamen Youke Venture Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. (formerly known as UK-GST team building in 2013), is a focus on building the implementation of health industry integration of professional institutions, has a number of health industry companies for comprehensive planning, integration, promotion and successfully listed. Team has numerous customers, take this as the basis, the company in 2015 officially in Xiamen formally established, is now the national operations headquarters in Qingdao sea biological pharmaceutical health industry business.
"Qingdao Guohai biological pharmaceutical] in CIP Taiwan authentication center CEO Chen Chunzhen and in the sea pharmaceutical group health industry division president xuyao hand on both sides of the joint China [Health Management Division] [the exclusive authorized] professional certification training, 2016 China Sea Pharmaceutical Group will foster thousands of health management division, and specially the Taiwan and the mainland medical keep top professional teachers, to create leading and professional health management of the new era.

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