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The prospect of higher vocational education is as broad as

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The prospect of higher vocational education is as broad as

In the domestic vocational education system, order class, on-the-job training, hands-on practical talent cultivation mode, greatly enhancing the vocational school students comprehensive quality and employment ability. But in Higher Vocational Colleges currently have generally taken the above teaching background, vocational school students to further enhance the self employment competitiveness, in addition to continuing education in China, and whether other options? In fact, many domestic colleges and universities, teaching quality of higher vocational colleges, as early as with Australia, South Korea, Taiwan local schools to carry out international cooperation in running a school project. This reporter learned that, so far, Guangdong Province within the scope of higher vocational colleges, it is successfully sent students abroad for short-term training, abroad paid internships, exchange programs, as well as the students to receive overseas TAFE courses of study abroad channel. A big playing international brand of Higher Vocational Colleges with the fact that: vocational education system for students to build an international education platform is also open, broad.
Chinese Vocational Education Internationalization: go out, also attracted in.
The vocational education system is no longer a broken road. At least in China, the vocational education of the entrance road already is not a problem --- including Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong and other provinces and cities in the region, in recent years in succession to implement "in Higher Vocational 3:2", namely in the vocational education system, as long as the students after the pilot vocational schools corresponding professional admission, three years of middle vocational school learning, the assessment standards and comply with relevant conditions and requirements, to participate in Vocational Universities in conjunction with the mouth of vocational school independent organizations turn segment selection and assessment can be no needed to pass the college entrance examination directly promoted to higher vocational colleges. On the other hand, occupation college students' internationalization channel is smoothly. As early as 10 years ago, Guangdong was higher vocational colleges and the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and other to carry out international cooperation projects, from exchange to overseas training, from practice to curriculum docking at home and abroad, even in foreign countries have vocational colleges of the enterprise name order class for domestic students recruit students such as, China's vocational education internationalization process has been has been constantly deepen and expand. Study abroad from the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Australia, Canada, the study consultant also said that after graduating from higher vocational education to receive foreign matriculation is also a common study abroad program. Usually case, IELTS 5.5 points in domestic vocational high school graduates, already has sufficient conditions to apply for Australian business, information technology, media industry subject, or to apply for the Glasgow Caledonian University, Liverpool John Moores University middle ranking foreign undergraduate matriculation. In addition, the domestic vocational high school graduates to want to apply for universities and colleges in Canada, if there is no language achievement, can also through "double admit" (referring to the first according to the academic achievement of admission, attend English training for a period of time after school, to meet the requirements again began to professional course learning) into the reader training school.
What will be the future trend of vocational education internationalization? Shunde Polytechnic Dean Xia Wei put forward their own point of view: higher vocational talent can move toward internationalization, international standards can also be imported from abroad, a direct role in the level of local professional talent upgrade. In Xia Wei looks, with the deepening of the domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, and both sides will continue to promote the professional curriculum, personnel training mode, mutual recognition and mutual trust, the future will not only have more higher vocational graduates have the opportunity to go abroad to study abroad, and more higher vocational school students will have more opportunities in the overseas university study. "But this is only the initial stage of the degree of internationalization of China's higher vocational, with stage stretches, each region of the vocational education will according to local industry trends, directly to the foreign related enterprises of the leading industry standard rooted to the region to, directly to the world's most cutting-edge talent cultivation mode in the region hatching. This from the 'going out' to 'the introduction of' trend, will become the new era of vocational education to achieve the highest standards of the industry's rapid economic approach. "
Guangdong Light Institute Vice President Lin Runhui is put forward, the domestic vocational education development so far, in fact have courage and international vocational teach developed countries horizontally. "When the internationalization level of vocational education development to certain degree on, we should not always consider only accept foreign, we should have the awareness: home also has good things, like the design of Chinese elements, martial arts, paper cutting, Chinese painting, the Chinese diet culture and abroad to study definitely have to come to China! "Lin Runhui predicted that the future of China's vocational education is no longer learn everything foreign, but a considerable part of us to learn from abroad.
Guangdong Institute of light industry and the technology of New South Wales in Australia and continue to institutions of Education (TAFE NSW) North Sydney Institute Co founded the Sino foreign cooperative education projects, cooperation in running schools officially approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of education, cooperation projects for international business and management professional, college level, three years of schooling.
This project is based on the teaching syllabus and the talent training program of the North Sydney Institute of Australia, and the introduction of foreign theory and practice, focusing on the mode of practice teaching. TAFE my textbooks are the original English textbooks, all the courses with English teaching methods, one of four professional courses by the Australian side sent senior professors to give courses in China. Students completed their studies, you can get a two cooperative college diploma, while studying abroad, create conditions for employment.
   Through the project, students can enter the convenient economy to study abroad channels. For example, a student may choose the "3 + 2" (3 years in China, Australia 2 years) the completion of undergraduate study; also can choose 3+1.5 "(3 years in China, Australia, 1.5 years) the way to the University of Western Sydney, Australia, University of Southern Queensland, University of Wollongong, Newcastle University and Central Queensland University completed undergraduate studies.
As a national demonstration vocational colleges, Panyu Polytechnic in recent years and Nanyang Science Institute will continue to deepen and expand exchanges and cooperation. Among them, NanYang Polytechnic each year in four batches sent the students to Panyu vocational and technical college project production, learning and communication. This year the first batch of 38 students have been in the hospital were a period of a month of project learning, the second phase of the 78 students will be divided into three groups arriving in Panyu Polytechnic, carry out different forms and contents of production and project learning and exchange activities. In addition, Panyu vocational and technical college every year regularly organize students to Singapore NanYang Polytechnic exchange of learning.
More and more domestic vocational school students not only during the period of school have internship experience, more than during the period of school overseas training, first job in overseas. Chinese and foreign service every year in conjunction with the United States government cultural exchange agencies jointly launched for the domestic students to the United States paid internship program. At present, Chinese and foreign service in Guangdong foreign language arts Career Academy every year to launch a variety of alternative to the United States internship positions.
Generally speaking, the internship time for 2-4 months, after the end of the work project automatically gives interns 30 days of travel. Student internship positions for the position. This is to allow students to familiar with the job in a short time, as soon as possible appointment began working practice, on the one hand can start as soon as possible cultural exchange activities, on the other hand also can guarantee the daily living expenses. The common practice of enterprise include: Seattle Boeing aircraft manufacturing company, Universal Orlando theme park, Los Angeles Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park, Yellowstone National Park, Colorado Grand Canyon National Park, McDonald's, 7-11, Hilton, Marriott Hotel, weende Hotel zum. Internships for students where the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the State Department, let each one international interns in and perfect the system of labor work, enjoy and all employees equal treatment and equal pay for equal work.
Guangzhou International School in the hotel, business management professional introduced management professional curriculum in Singapore, in Guangzhou international learning 2 years to 2.5 years, 3 years can choose to go to study in Singapore. The hotel management can through the interview, arrange six months paid internship, a month can earn internship allowance of RMB 5000 yuan, after deducting paid practice allowance costs close to zero, students through learning and through the examination qualified, you can get both China and Singapore double Diploma in, after graduation, but also to attend undergraduate degree from the University of Singapore or British University of Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire University and the University of Sunderland (about 1 year).
Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Technology --
China and Korea in the specialized universities to implement credit project
Han will always be at into specialized university is ranked first in Korea college, the school is given priority to with practical technology education, the employment rate of graduates for 12 years reached more than 90%, more than the employment rate of university graduates. In recent years, south of the Five Ridges vocational and technical college in cooperation with the school to carry out professional CNC technology, animation technology and production of credit project.
Where the Lingnan Polytechnic CNC technology, animation technology and production of professional admission of students, school for a year and a half after, voluntarily went to South Korea will always be at in the specialized university to study for a year and a half. Complete 3 years of study and results of qualified, you can also get Lingnan Polytechnic higher diploma and South Korea will always be at into specialized university college diploma.
It is understood, cooperation between the two universities CNC technology professional direction, students after graduation, by the ROK will its recommendation to the Korean enterprises Samsung, Hyundai, LG and other work, or to and the mutual recognition of Lingnan College overseas colleges and universities to rise only this, specifically l master seamless docking.
Sino German cooperation internship training program is the Guangdong AIB Polytechnic College and the German F+U Training Center for the college students to carry out the internship training program.
F+U training center headquarters is located in the eastern German state of Isaacson on Wu Martinez city. As of last year, has sent 8 students to the training center, each batch of interval training for two months.
In order to ensure that students have achieved, both Germany and China to jointly develop detailed plans of the training teaching, including teaching related courses, organizing students to visit and study, business simulation training, the simulation company trainee, marketing planning practice of five parts. Students successfully completed the task of learning, will receive the training certificate issued by the F+U training center and the German industry and commerce. And, more important, students can through participation in training to broaden their horizons to enrich and improve professional knowledge, enhance the ability in practical work. At the same time, through the collision of eastern and Western culture, vocational school students awareness of cooperation, means of communication, interpersonal skills, civilized services ability, language expression ability and comprehensive vocational quality will also have a larger increase, so as to enhance the employment competition ability of students.

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