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Two departments of art vocational education reform push to c

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Two departments of art vocational education reform push to c

Art Vocational education is an important part of vocational education is the basis for cultural advancement. Currently, the presence of weak scale arts vocational education, curriculum is not reasonable, the lack of personnel training mode innovation, combined with the market is not tight enough, poor student employment channels and other issues affecting the quality of professional training, restricting the development of literature and art. 11, the administrative department of culture, art, vocational colleges, cultural industries and enterprises on behalf of hundreds of people gather together to jointly arts vocational education reform and development plan.
   National Arts Vocational Education Conference held in the same day the Ministry of Culture, the theme of "deepening reform and innovation, improve the quality of education, more consciously take the initiative for the prosperity of socialist literature and art services for the construction of cultural power to provide intellectual support and personnel support."
Figures from the Ministry of Education show that at present China's vocational education and general education generally quite taken shape, industrial upgrading and personnel contributions to capacity continues to increase. In 2014, there were 13 200 vocational colleges, enrollment of 946.83 million students in 2809.53 million. 2014 post graduates employment rate of 96.69%, higher vocational graduates six months after graduation employment rate of 91.5%.
Ministry of Culture, Science and Technology Secretary culture if the wind Sun said, "Thirteen Five" period, vocational education in the arts, culture and the system will adhere to the theme of capacity-building, human resource development to follow the law, pay attention to personnel training learning ability, practical ability, strive to improve ability to innovate talents. Adhere to the study and practice, training and use of the combination, and strive to human resources advantages into a powerful driving force to promote cultural development. The Ministry of Culture will be full investigation on the basis of reform and development of the next five years national art vocational education provide guidance and implement them.
Teachers in the art including vocational education, including the development of vocational education in the weak link. Ministry of Education, Vocational Education and Adult Education Department Deputy Director Wang Nan Yang said he hoped the Ministry of Education and Culture to work together to promote the establishment of vocational colleges of art and cultural industries and enterprises of the master craftsman, craftsmen, Intangible Cultural Heritage and other "two-way access" mechanism guide relevant vocational colleges based on professional construction and development needs, establish guidance master skill positions, the establishment of a master studio, and select the relevant professional teachers to practice cultural enterprises and institutions, strengthen teacher training in culture, arts and culture optimization professional teachers team structure.
Affected personnel system, institutions and other preparation and treatment, vocational art colleges especially in the traditional cultural performances specialty student employment is limited, seriously affecting the relevant professional appeal. In this regard, Wang Yang Nan said, on the one hand, the Education Sector will strengthen employment guidance and employment services, to meet the requirements of Art graduates into existing employment services and employment policy support range. On the other hand, we hope that the cultural sector in conjunction with relevant departments to jointly promote the creation of equal employment environment, the elimination of discrimination in employment and institutional barriers to equal employment impact, improving front-line literary talent working conditions and benefits. Sun if the wind said he hoped cultural enterprises and institutions to participate effectively in the educational whole process, realize specialty and industrial demand docking, course content and professional standards of the docking, the teaching process and the production process docking, diplomas and vocational qualification certificates docking, vocational education and lifelong learning docking. (Reporter Zhou Wei)
(Xinhua Zhou Wei)

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