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Ali layout OTT 100 million children's education platform to

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Ali layout OTT 100 million children's education platform to

With the popularity of the Internet in rural areas is becoming a huge potential market of digital entertainment services. May 25, the third on the Chinese e-commerce Summit County, Alibaba Digital Entertainment Division (hereinafter referred to as the number of entertainment Ali) Lynx Box Mu Yang, general manager, said the number of entertainment Ali has invested a total of 100 million children's education layout OTT platform, according to the plan, the first will overwrite the existing 16,000 villages ADS service station. The "61" section of the day, the first to open this year, 100 sites for rural children experience.
    Since the popularity of smart phones, the Internet in rural areas for acceptance, skip the PC era entered the mobile era, becoming the biggest benefit, the fastest-growing regions. It has also become a digital divide in rural areas to get rid of, the rural information technology opportunities. Ali hopes to promote rural areas, the number of entertainment share dividend of technological development, the quality culture and entertainment, educational resources through digital means, transferred to Ten Thousand Villages.
     Mu Yang said Ali, the number of entertainment's Lynx Box business since September 2015 and rural Taobao started working, now covers 328 counties, nearly 9,000 villages points, accounting for 55% of the village Amoy number of outlets this year, Ali number of entertainment Taobao will jointly rural, deepen cooperation and jointly launched the "Lynx Box happy station" project. The project mainly for rural children, with the village Amoy growing outlets, entertainment provided by a number of hardware and software services, Ali cultural entertainment and online education for them, Taobao rural sites into cultural entertainment and online education centers in rural . WCC reporter Zloty client
Author: Zloty
(Source: WCC)

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