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Henan, the integration of funds to enhance the performance o

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Henan, the integration of funds to enhance the performance o

In Kaifeng, Henan Province, rural labor transfer training free of charge per capita subsidies standards have been from the past 200 yuan increased to 500 yuan, the province is also the first to participate in skills training for rural labor to give vocational skills appraisal subsidies. Even more curious is that these measures did not give the financial burden on how much, because they take a way: the integration of rural labor transfer training funds.
According to the introduction, from 2005 onwards, the city in accordance with the "integration of resources, unified management, implementation, comprehensive coordination" principle, the dispersion in labor and social security, agriculture, poverty alleviation and other departments of the rural labor force transfer training funds to integrate, by the municipal financial department unified management, in the province spearheaded the establishment of the by the city and county levels of government investment, labor and social security departments of the specific implementation, agriculture, poverty alleviation in rural labor free training system. 2005, 2008, respectively, the integration of training funds 11 million yuan, more than 2000 yuan, 2008 has been integrated training funds more than 3000 yuan. Free training subsidy standards can be gradually increase and further for the trained farmers bereavement vocational skills appraisal subsidies also performed successfully. The city has also established the appropriated subsidy fund and the designated training institutions training effect, training quantity of training and employment status is linked to the phase of the evaluation system and regular assessment to ensure fiscal funds benefit.
The integration of funds has effectively promoted the development of the service. Kaifeng city founded the "free vocational skills training, free vocational skills identification - a free employment - adults throughout, business services, one of the five new model of labor economy, on the transfer of rural labor force employment and offer a full range of policy support. At the same time, and actively explore establish vocational training and services output closely link the working mechanism, to carry out "Alternation" "order training" and "targeted training" in, many coastal enterprises will mechanics training base to accomplish the Kaifeng City, by college and enterprise joint way to alleviate the growing tension in the employment crisis, forming a good situation with all levels of government, welcomed by the employing units, training institutions proud, peasant brothers' income.
Standardized and efficient transfer of rural labor employment training to the work of the village has brought gratifying results. In the labor output of the city's rural labor force, the proportion of skilled output increased from 25.2% in 2004 to 36.5% this year. After skills training of rural labor transfer employment, the monthly income than the training before the general growth of more than 300 yuan, labor income accounted for the proportion of the city's per capita income of farmers reached more than 50%.
The prosperity of labor economy also reserves the potential for County Economic development. According to statistics, the city of migrant workers returning home founded nearly 4000 enterprises, annual profit and tax 250 million yuan. At the same time, a large number of new farmers in the construction of the new socialist countryside has developed a large number of cultural, technical, and will operate a new type of farmers.

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